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  • Who can apply?
    The following Key Worker roles can apply.: Armed Forces, Ambulance and Paramedic, Blood Service, Borders and Immigration, Care Services, Child Care, Civil Servant, Clergy and Religious, Coastguard, Covid Response, Dentist, Education, Fire Service, Food and Necessary Goods, Healthcare, Highways Agency, Key Public Services, Marine, Mental Health, National and Local Government, NHS, NHS Student, Pharmacy, Police, Post Office, Prison Service, Probation Service, Red Cross, RNLI, Search and Rescue, Sewerage, Social Services, St John's Ambulance, Telecommunications, Transport, Undertaker, Veterinarian, Voluntary Care and Waste Disposal.
  • Where are my policy documents?
    If you can’t find your policy documents then please get directly in contact with your insurance provider and request that they send you a copy. Some insurance providers may also make your policy documents available online, so you may be able to access these through logging in to their website. Failing that they could be somewhere in your email inbox. Check your junk inbox if you can't find them.
  • Can I get a quote over the phone? does not provide a telephone quote service. Furthermore we cannot discuss your quotes over the phone. You can of course get a quote online then discuss it with the insurance provider that you would like to purchase a policy from, either through their website, email or over the phone.
  • How do I prove my no claims status?
    Your previous insurance provider should have sent details of your no claims bonus to you with your annual renewal letter. Or after you have requested the policy to be cancelled. This document should be used as proof of no claims. If your previous insurance provider has not sent this to you then please contact them and request it.
  • Where is my quote email?
    Check your junk folder and look for a quote email. It will contain all your quotes as they are generated by your requests. You can revisit them by clicking 'view your quotes'. Most emails that are not in your address book will enter your junk folder. Simply add the sender address to your contact list or tell your email client that the quote emails are not 'junk'.
  • How do I switch my insurance provider?
    Seen a quote you like the look of? If you want to switch your insurance provider mid-policy, don’t fret. You can usually cancel your insurance policy at any time. Just make sure to check your insurance company’s terms and conditions, as you may have to pay cancellation fees.
  • How do I pay for my insurance?
    You can purchase the policy of your choice by clicking “Next” on the results page for your chosen insurer, then clicking “Buy Online With Insurer”. This will take you to the insurance provider page where you will have to confirm your details, choose your payment method (monthly or annual) and finally enter your preferred card details.
  • Where do I find my policy documents?
    Your chosen insurance provider will either provide these online or send them to you via post the next working day. If you have not received these within seven days then please contact your chosen insurance provider.
  • How do I view my previous quotes?
    Check your inbox and look at the email with your previous quotes. You can view them there and continue through to purchase one of the quotes.
  • Why is my password not being accepted?
    The only rule for creating a password is that it's 6-20 characters in length, so if your password complies with this then the only other issue may be that the second instance of your password re-type doesn’t match the first. Please ensure that the Caps Lock isn’t on and re-enter your password exactly as you did the first time.
  • How do I get another quote?
    If you've bought an insurance quote then simply visit the site again, select the product you want to quote for and wait for your quotes. Then, use your password to trigger the quotes and you'll be ready to purchase another.
  • What if I've forgotten my password?
    On the quotes page, where you have been asked to enter your details, there is a “Forgotten your Password?” option above the “Login” button, click this then enter your details and you'll receive an email with simple instructions on how to reset your password.
  • How do I unsubscribe from your quote emails?
    Just click the unsubscribe link. We don't spam you or call you and we certainly don't sell or utilise your data.
  • Where is my exact job title on the quote forms?
    It's not possible to list every possible job title, but the list is as extensive as possible. If you can’t find your job title then please choose a title that is similar to your role. Before purchasing your policy please ensure you inform the insurance provider of your actual occupation.
  • Why is my car registration not being recognised?
    The quote form system looks up cars registered throughout the UK, so please double check that you have entered your registration details correctly. If the registration still cannot be found then you can manually enter your type of vehicle by selecting “No” when asked if you know your registration number. However please bear in mind that some insurance providers will need to know your registration plate before you can purchase a car insurance policy.
  • Can I enter my car registration manually?
    Just select “No” when asked if you know your registration number. A form will automatically generate below with the option to manually enter your car registration details.
  • Can I ensure modified cars or hand made cars?
    Yes, simply select the car insurance form and enter your car details.
  • How long does it take to get a quote?
    Quote generation takes 5-10 minutes as all the quotes are pulled in and displayed to you.
  • How do you make money?
    Insurance providers will pay a commission for every sale they make through the Quotezone comparison system, for which we receive a portion. This does not increase the final cost of your premium as the insurance providers appear on the quoting system for free. Since we pay for our own advertising, they don’t charge higher prices to cover the commission. In our opinion, the commissions are fair and reasonable.
  • Why are the quotes I see different to other quote sites?
    Whilst all price quote systems operate in a very similar way, there can be variances the questions asked and the options available as answers. These differences may lead to a marginal difference on the quotes displayed. Also you may come across 'exclusive prices', however be sure to read all the details as the cheapest cover may not always be the best policy for you.
  • What kind of insurance can I get quotes for?
    Currently there are twelve insurance products to get quotes for. There will be home energy quotes soon and more. Stay tuned.
  • Are the quotes impartial?
    We earn a flat rate commission when a product is purchased using our site. As such there is no incentive to promote any particular insurer ahead of the others. Our only interest is showing you the competitive quotes.
  • What's included in my policy?
    On the quote results page the extras each insurance policy includes and other 'add-ons' are available. After clicking through to an insurance provider page they generally have a “View Policy Summary” option, which provides you with more details and small print to read, or ignore.
  • What are the various 'vehicle usage' options?
    'Social, Domestic, Pleasure and Commuting' refers to the casual use of your vehicle and commuting to and from your place of work. 'Social, Domestic and Pleasure' is appropriate for when your vehicle is not used for the act of work. 'Business Use' means you drive your vehicle to multiple sites away from your permanent place of work. For example, an operations manager may need to travel to several different offices on a weekly basis. 'Commercial Use' is appropriate when your vehicle is used for deliveries or travelling sales.
  • How far in advance can I see quotes?
    Typically insurance providers only quote one month in advance of your due date. Changing costs and the pricing of insurance policies means the market is in constant flux.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can email us at or use the contact forms on the site. If you have a query about an insurance policy you have purchased then please contact the insurance provider directly. We cannot discuss insurance quotes directly with you. If you need to discuss your quotes then please contact the insurers directly. We hope that most of your questions can be resolved in these FAQs.
  • Where are you based?
    Our registered office is at Chancery House, St John's Road, St Johns, Surrey, GU21 7SA.

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